About WTM Zambia

The World Transformation Movement (WTM) Zambian Centre was established by Franklin Mukakanga of the Ila Tribe of Southwest Zambia in 2017.


The Ila tribe is one of the most prominent in the region, and as part of the tribe’s royal family Franklin is in line of succession to chiefdom. Franklin was copy creative director of the Zambian branch of the biggest advertising firm in the world, Ogilvy and Mather for 13 years until recently, when he formed his own multi-faceted consultancy business in Lusaka, incorporating his skills in communications and advertising as well as his training in a broad range of therapy practises. He’s had his own radio program, is a classical pianist who writes his own music, is a psychological therapist and was reading college-level English books at the age of six!


Franklin came across Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith's book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition in October 2016 and found his explanation of the human condition answered so many questions about us collectively and individually in ways that nothing else had done before.


As Franklin described at the launch of WTM Zambia, at the World Transformation Movement Global Conference; "FREEDOM deals with subjects as diverse as why we as a species are so divisive and destructive; how and why we adopt the way of living that inevitably leads us to being egotistical and hungry for fame and glory; why the sexes are at war; why the different ‘races’ or people groups of the world are so different and interact the way they do; the origin, nature, purposes and roles of religion and science and how they fit into the human journey; the path to reconciliation of ourselves with ourselves and the wider world. This seminal work inspired such a regeneration within me and sparked such hope for humanity’s future that I could not sit on the sidelines and watch humanity hurtle towards self-destruction anymore.


Finally I had the answer to my own, and the world’s, troubled situation. The answer that, though challenging and potentially confronting, as all truth must be, was, at the same time, transforming. I started sharing what I’d learned with my friends, my colleagues, even my children. The lights I saw coming on in their eyes as they grasped the understandings and the deep changes taking place within them and myself as a result of coming into contact with this information inspired me to open a World Transformation Movement Centre in Lusaka. If everyone could get this reconciling understanding, we could restore humanity’s alienated soul and save the human race from destroying itself. I had to do my part!

In working as part of the WTM I am helping to bring true healing and transformation to the world, most especially to Africa, where I live, and which I will talk more about, where the ravages of poverty, HIV and inequality make life a living hell for the vast majority of people; and where the struggle to make sense of our lot leads to such despondency and dysfunction. Knowledge is power. And no knowledge is more powerful than self-knowledge.


With the self-knowledge open to us all through the solution of the human condition, as presented in the work of Jeremy Griffith and the WTM, humanity can stand empowered. Through it there are no more excuses. There is no more blame. There is true understanding. There is release. There is a true awareness of what we all, as diverse members of the human race, bring to the party of life; there is a letting go of emulation and the strife to become what we’re not. There is true, organic growth of the human family because now humanity has a new baseline. In the WTM we call it the Transformed Lifeforce State. It’s not rocket science. It’s just our description for the transformation that this information makes possible. It’s empowering. It allows for authentic, soul-nourishing living."

Franklin talking at the WTM Global Conference with Stefan Rössler listening

Franklin and Stefan Rössler, founder of the Austrian WTM Centre, attending the 2017 WTM Global Conference in Sydney, Australia.

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A soul renaissance is upon us, both in Africa and the rest of the world, join us as we live to save the world.